1920s Hairstyles for Long Hair | Pringle Bob 1924

1920s Hairstyles for Long Hair. In 1924, a year before the famous Pringle Shingle, actress Aileen Pringle creates a convincing bob with her long tresses.

1920s Hairstyles for Long Hair
1920s Hairstyles for Long Hair – Aileen Pringle

Aileeen Pringle is still not prepared to lose her lovely long tresses. So she has compromised on the 1920’s bob with this two-in-one coiffure.

Aileen Pringle in 1924
Long tresses and no sign of a bob haircut

Here, Aileen looks like a girl who has never so much as put a pair of scissors to her crowning glory.

But if you look below, you will see how she can deceive the public into thinking she has bobbed her hair.

Aileen Pringle - 1920's bob for long hair

If it were not for the tresses at the side, one could swear she had bobbed her hair. She cut it off bob-fashion in the back to take the weight off her head. Comfort first.

The side view makes one think Jack the Clipper had stolen up from behind her and snipped off enough to make a wig for his baby’s best loved doll.

1920's hairstyles for long hair

Above, she show’s just exactly what she can do with it if she wants to give the appearance of a bob hair cut.“I’m in love with the French bob, which is a little longer than Mary Thurman’s Dutch bob. I may dare to go for a short bob hairstyle soon. At least it can always grow back!”

She’s already half way there and committed to tying up her hair in a 1920’s bob, so we say – why not go for the full crop Aileen ?

The Shingle Haircut of 1925

Shingle Haircut
Aileen Pringle and her Shingle haircut 1925

Just one year later in 1925, Aileen astounded the movie going public with her  shingle haircut, which was copied across America.

That’s all !

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