Iconic Bob hairstyles of the 1920’s

It’s 1926 and Hollywood’s Photoplay looks at the current crop of 1920s hairstyles, in particular the bob hairstyles which have turned heads, as well as the new rage from Paris – side whiskers!
Bob haircuts are ruled by shear beauty. The scissors menace the last few hairs of the Edwardians.

Famous Bob Hairstyles of 1926

The Castle Bob hair cut -Irene-Castle
The Castle Bob hair cut -Irene-Castle

Irene Castle started it – at least in the US. Her feet made her famous. Came the “Castle Bob” and fame arose to her head.

1920's bob --Pola-Negri
1920’s bob –Pola-Negri

Enter “Passion” Enter Pola Negri, also a new and provocative and pleasing bob. And a new idol!

Frizzy Bob hair --Blanche-Sweet
Frizzy Bob hair –Blanche-Sweet

Then then Blanche Sweets blonde frizzy bob brought many damsels to the irons.

Boyish Bob---Gloria-Swanson
Boyish Bob—Gloria-Swanson

Advent of the Gloria Shingle [ Gloria Swanson] sent flappers to the bobber shops to have their hair “manhandled”

Dutch Bob---Colleen-Moore
Dutch Boy haircut—Colleen-Moore

The Uncurled Bob was introduced by Colleen Moore. It was made for the film “Flaming Youth”. The Dutch boy haircut was made famous originally by Mary Thurman.

Side whiskers are the newest peril from Paris. watch for the bald-headed rage!

Shingle haircut -Aileen Pringle
Shingle haircut -Aileen Pringle

Came Aileen Pringle and the “Pringle Shingle“. Came cars, came “beau-catchers”. came fame to Aileen!

Beverly Bob haircut---Marion-Davi
Beverly Bob haircut—Marion-Davis

Followed by the Beverly Bob presented by Marion Davies. Hair shorter than short. More daring than Dad’s!

Marcel Bob--Billie Dove
Marcel Bob–Billie Dove

The crowning glory goes the way of other crowns. How could you, Billie Dove?

Mannish Bob–Virginia Valli

Virginia Valli’s bob is one of the newest revenges on the Seven Sunderland Sisters.


Paris orders hair on the cheeks. Look what side-whiskers would do to Leatrice Joy!

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