Cable Girls – 1920s Era Women with a modern twist

Las Chicas del Cable – four women in 1920s Madrid – Cloche hats, colorful flapper frocks and bobbed hair. What’s not to enjoy about the new Netflix produced series Cable Girls or Las Chicas del Cable– the frivolous title aside. Drawing some inspiration from recent films like The Changeling and the 2013 film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, there is a feeling…

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1920s Hairstyles for your type

Vintage guide to hairdos for your face shape – Another browse through the 1926 personal style book “Making the most of your looks, by Dorothy Stote” brings us the hairstyles ! Begin with your forehead. If it is smooth and unlined, if your expression is calm and unperturbed, then provided you like the severe arrangement that pulls the hair straight…

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1920s Fashion – Making the Most of your Looks

1920’s Women’s Style advice from 1926 by  – Thanks to the folks at the Haithi Trust Digital Library for preserving these wonderful books and manuals.This book “Making the Most of your Looks” by Dorothy Stote, declares that it is designed for the woman of ‘moderate’ means and will not be recommending expensive frocks! Correct 1920s Suits for your Height Left:…

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Photobooth Selfies – A Century of Women

Candid, funny and touching photos of past lives – Back in July 2014 – the year of the Selfie, Glamourdaze took a look back to a time before smartphones and the magic of the Photobooth selfie. What we found was a treasure of portraits going back to the Edwardian Era. Google Photobooth women selfies and you’ll see a lot of…

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1920s College Girl Hairstyles

Mary Baldwin Bluestocking girls – Glamourdaze pops back in time to enjoy the 1920s hairstyles worn becomingly by the young women of Mary Baldwin College for Women ( now a university ). The full Mary Baldwin Bluestocking archive is unintentionally – a visual treasure trove for exploring the development of young women’s styles throughout the 20th century. These images are…

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a young flapper poseing in 1922 - Bain Collection

1920s Fashion – Paul Poiret vs The Flapper Revolution

The Flapper Referendum in 1922 – The last thirty days have witnessed a spectacle as astounding, as momentous, as far reaching as any of the episodes that have shaken the Earth’s foundations and caused mankind to stop, look and listen. A revolution has occurred of greater significance than the French revolution, the Russian revolution or perhaps even our own revolution of…

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Monsieur Antoine – Paris Hair Stylist 1927

Tips from Top Parisian hairdresser – 1920s hairstyle report by Agnes Smith. It isn’t Mr Antoine, nor yet Monsieur Antoine. It’s just Antoine. And that is fame ! Monsieur Antoine – the inventor of “The Shingle” is one of the reasons why girls leave home to go to Paris. the other reason, of course, is to get a divorce! In…

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Iconic 1920s Hairstyle – The Pringle Shingle

Aileen Pringle‘s Mannish Bob in 1925 – Who would have thought, when bobbed hair first came into vogue, that there would be so many variations of it? The mere conventional bob was at that time [1919] thought dreadfully extreme, but what would have been said if the shingle of today could have been seen, particularly the closely clipped variety, that to…

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1920s Hairstyles – The Bob to Suit Your Type

Hollywood Hairstyles for 1925 – With so many wide variations of the bob haircut to choose from, a girl has a hard time these days deciding just what particular style suits her best. A study of the modes worn by various screen actresses might be helpful, for they have the benefit of so much expert advice and criticism that they are…

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The 15 Minute Miracle Egg Shampoo – 1929

Illustrated 1920s hairstyle tips – 1920s hairstyle report by Ann Boyd Many women prefer to wash their own hair, especially when they are traveling or away on vacation. In shampooing the hair, it is important to remember that hair should not be washed too often. Once every two weeks is the best practice to adopt. Many women also neglect regular…

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