Three Evening Frocks – Margaret Livingston 1926

Gamine or Robe de Style Evening dresses –

Margaret Livingston is truly a city girl. Someone whose personality reflects the shimmering lure of silk, the subtle enticement of style.


The ever changing modes of fashion have glorified many types of figure over the years, but this year – the short skirt ( left) the enhancing a slim youthful figure is most definitely ‘de rigueur’.
The simple lines of the black evening dress to the left find their perfect expression in the slim and graceful figure of poised enigmatic Margaret Livingston.

The sheerest black chiffon with flesh chiffon, used in exactly the right places along the trimming and hem. It helps guide the discerning eye to Miss Livingstons skirt and of course – legs !
” For when I feel SSG!” laughs Miss Livingston. ( meaning : Sweet, Simple and Girlish ).
Note again the hem. Few things are more intriguing than a glimpse of slim, silken knees through a net border.
And scallops are the last whisper.

Continuing in her SSG mood, Miss Livingston plums for this darling Robe de style frock. The filmy softness of a scalloped net combined with lustrous gold-sheen taffeta makes this delightfully youthful frock a must for all you so called ‘flapper’s to wear these autumn and winter evenings ahead.

That’s all !
©Glamourdaze 2015
Screenland 1926

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