What Women Wore in 1920’s Fashion Film

Stockings in the 1920's

What women wore in 1920’s fashion. The gamine silhouette, drop waist shift dress and influence of the Art Deco movement in style Watch How to Dress in 1920’s Fashion – A Brief Video History How to Dress in 1920’s Fashion Film The silhouette of the 1920’s was straight and slim, and as narrow as possible …

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1920s Fashion – 1920’s Dress for your Silhouette


Choosing the 1920’s dress for your figure When planning a 1920’s fashion wardrobe or selecting a 1920’s dress , the body should be thought of as a unit.1920’s dress garments, should be chosen, not as an isolated hat, blouse or skirt, but as part of a whole scheme.The main parts of the 1920s silhouette are:1. The …

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Screen Debut of the Little Black Dress 1927


In the movie It (1927), Hollywood’s biggest star Clara Bow turned the little black dress into an iconic staple wardrobe item for women. Clara Bow – the It girl, launches an iconic dress  It’s commonly accepted that the little black dress made it’s first appearance via Paris designer Coco Chanel in French Vogue 1926. It …

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1920s Silhouette – Clara Bow vs Venus

1920s Silhouette – Clara Bow vs Venus de Milo. Another post on the subject of the 1920s gamine silhouette. Clara Bow was without question one of the biggest silent movie stars in Hollywood and all women’s eyes turned to her for beauty inspiration. We put this comparison together of the measurements of  the ancient Greek …

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The Rise and Fall of the 1920’s Flapper

Short history of the iconic 1920’s flapper.Where did she come from, the dresses, hats, hairstyles, make up looks and swimwear styles. Where did the 1920’s Flapper come from? In 1929, a famous New York Times article by Mildred Adams declared ‘ The Death of the 1920’s Flapper’ and in many ways, her declaration was true. …

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1920’s Dress Fashion – Visual Timeline from 1921 to 1929

This visual 1920’s fashion timeline can be read as an appendage to: 1920’s Dress Fashion – The Rise and Fall of the Flapper 1920’s Dress Fashion – Visual 1920s clothing Timeline from 1921 to 1929. A 1920’s fashion timeline of French day and evening dress styles from 1921 to 1929 with imagery from the  L’Officiel …

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The 1920’s Silhouette

The 1920’s Silhouette The Woman’s body shape saved by Hollywood ! The 1920’s began with the disappearance of the female silhouette altogether ! Women’s wear became more mannish. The waist was gone, bust was gone, shoulders broader and hair much shorter. The new silhouette emphasized a flat chest and any womanly curves were eliminated as …

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1920’s Fashion – Women’s Dress and Style

We have now updated this popular post to a much more in-depth and fully illustrated page – A Concise Illustrated History of 1920s Women’s Fashion ! Also if you’re a fan of the 1940s, read the Concise history of fashion – 1940 to 1949. They’re entertaining and an educational read and packed with oodles of imagery and links. …

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Hollywood Glamour – The ideal female body shape

Hollywood Glamour – The ideal female body shape Anita Page and the ‘ Ideal Screen Type ‘ 1928 Hollywood constantly measured the perfection of it’s starlets beauty against ideal types. The examples include Norma Talmadge /Pola Negri /Clara Bow / Gloria Swanson / Gilda gray / Aileen Pringle /Mary Pickford / and of course Garbo …

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