Gender Stereotyping - Sexism in the 50's

Gender Stereotyping – Sexism in the 50’s

Mad Men era example of gender stereotyping in the 50’s. One man vents his sexism at what he sees as powder room politics during office breaks. Sexism in the 50’s – What Women Do in the Powder Room Glamourdaze’s latest vintage fashion film takes a peek – in glorious color at what women get up in the powder room during…

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vintage tips for perfect lips

Some Vintage Tips for Perfect Lips

A vintage 1950s lipstick tutorial – Where once a girl resorted to biting her lips to redden them before entering a crowded room, there is now a myriad of choice in glamour when it comes to choosing her lip rouge. Hollywood makeup guru Ern Westmore provided this sterling advice which applies to this day. See the video Vintage Tips for…

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1950s Makeup – Color Harmony in 1951

Color charts for make-up hair and clothes 1951 – 1950s makeup tutorial from Carolyn Earle Bright ideas in 1950s makeup and effective use of costume colors accentuate your good looks and compliment each other. In this post are four complexion types – blonde, brunette, brownette, and titian – together with color suggestions that you can make your own or use…

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Lets Make-up – 1950’s Style !

1950s Makeup Retrospective by Naomi J. Shaw – for Glamourdaze. Poodle skirts, pin-up girls, and winged eyeliner! The 1950s were a time of retro fun and fashion that still drive undercurrents today with nostalgia for the “good old days” of American bandstand music at the local diner or  drive-in movie theatre. Fifties fashion and makeup is classic and elegant, and many…

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Glamour Girls of the Air – Air Stewardess School 1958

The Inside story of how to be a 1950’s Stewardess – In 1958 – Life magazine went to Stewardess School in Dallas Texas, and offered a revealing insight into the training, deportment, beauty schooling and sisterly camaraderie which resulted. Photos by Life Photographer Peter Stackpole. “The rather odd education that the girls get in these images is preparing them for…

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One Woman – Three 1950’s Makeup Looks – Elizabeth Arden

Three Summer Faces – French Make up Styles for 1954 – 1950s Makeup report from L’officiel de la mode. Some summer cosmetic suggestions from the top cosmetologist Elizabeth Arden ( Ed: This was in French, so please forgive our translation!) 1.The Sports Make-up Look Eyelashes, eyelids and eyebrows are slightly greased. The important point here is the mouth.The red selected,…

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Besame Cosmetics – Apricot Rouge for those Sunny Days

 A perfect warm sunny shade that will blend to any skin tone – Christina from Besame Cosmetics shows you how to apply their new Apricot cream rouge. Tips for Application 1. Swipe your ring and middle finger into the rouge then tap your fingers in to the back of your hand to remove any excess. 2.What remains on your fingers…

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Besame Cosmetics – The Purr-fect Red Lipstick !

Today Gabriela Hernandez of Besame Cosmetics helps you find the perfect Red lipstick from their beautiful range of vintage inspired lipsticks. ” First let’s figure out if your skin tone is warm with yellow undertones or pink with cool undertones! Then pick a color to match your skin tone. For warmer tones – try Carmine, Merlot or Red Hot Red…

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1950s-lips - makeup - -masterclass

1950’s Makeup- Lovely Lips Masterclass.

1950’s Make-up Fashion – Lovely Lips masterclass. Adapted from Make-up & Beauty – Vintage 1950’s Make-up Guides. Available for instant download from Vintage Make-up See our other great 1950’s Make-up fashion posts: 1950’s make-up Fashion Tutorials 1950’s Woman does her Make-up Film Get the Mad men Look Hazel Bishop – 1950’s Stay on Lipstick 1950’s Make-up Fashion – The…

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Make-up History – Hazel Bishop’s 1950’s Stay-on Lipsticks

Make-up History – Hazel Bishops Stay-on Lipstick . The First Permanent lipstick invented by a forgotten genius. When you think of make-up innovations, you immediately call to mind Max Factor, and rightly so. He did after all invent lip gloss. Lip make-up was until after World War Two, still considered a beauty accessory, rather than a necessity. However, by 1950,…

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