One Woman – Three 1950’s Makeup Looks – Elizabeth Arden

Three Summer Faces – French Make up Styles for 1954 –

1950s Makeup report from L’officiel de la mode.

Some summer cosmetic suggestions from the top cosmetologist Elizabeth Arden

( Ed: This was in French, so please forgive our translation!)


1.The Sports Make-up Look


Eyelashes, eyelids and eyebrows are slightly greased. The important point here is the mouth.The red selected, should be a beautiful tone franc or pulling on the yellow or the blue, and applied with a brush to the contours retaining all their sharpness.

Daytime: Base powder make-up city: basic beige sheen sun powder.
Red cheeks – rosy red lipstick – sky pink eye-shadow – dark blue eyebrow pencil.


2. The City Make-up Look


For the city, the problem is different.The foundation must remain clear, but still in a dewy look !
So we spread out a little rouge after the application of the base powder, then the face is plenty of powder then dust away any excess powder.

The eyebrows are simply lubricated, carefully brushed they are highlighted with a gray pencil which also serves to raise the corner of the eye.

Eyelashes and eyelids are rouged.

The mouth is masked with a red rose.

Ensemble make-up should remain very light.


3. The Evening Make-up Look


The must have evening make-up look is pale pale pale ….In accentuating the eyebrows, the eyes and mouth, you can change completely the aspect of the face.Very pale is obtained by a base powder and a barely tinted powder.

It removes red cheeks.

Eyebrows, thickened and dark gray pencil – eyelids cut throat purple – eyelashes  highlight the corners with mascara.

The green eyes look contrasts wonderfully with the facial pallor.

As for the mouth, use red “parma” lipstick – to achieve almost an red violet.

That’s all !
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  1. I should have mentioned…I miss those days soooooo much. Thank heavens for wonderful memories….Women had a beauty back then that today holds no comparison to.

  2. I remember my momma having Mabeilline Cake Mascara…came in a little red container with a little red handled brush…she dipped the brush in a tinny bit of water then run it back and forth till the brush filled with mascara…this was repeated until she was happy with the results.I remember in the early 50’s I got some thinking I was growing up and wanted to look pretty too.

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