Gender Stereotyping – Sexism in the 50’s

Mad Men era example of gender stereotyping in the 50’s. One man vents his sexism at what he sees as powder room politics during office breaks.

Sexism in the 50’s – What Women Do in the Powder Room

Glamourdaze’s latest vintage fashion film takes a peek – in glorious color at what women get up in the powder room during office breaks.

1950's woman applying makeup in the 1950's
1950’s woman applies lipstick

Shown in the context of a mans mystification of the politics between women at the workplace – his opinions are sexist and conform to gender stereotypes of the period. It is still evident in advertising today.

1950's woman fixes her hairstyle in the powder room
1950’s hairstyles

The film is somewhat light-hearted if compared to similar films of the 1940’s.
Seen from the male perspective, our protagonist explains in no uncertain terms his prejudiced opinions of the fairer sex.

1950's man complains about women's behavior during office breaks.
Gender stereotyping of women in a 1950’s office

His friend however disagrees at the end, and with a chuckle, points out that he “detects a little personal prejudice.”

1950's woman applies nail polish
1950’s office worker applies nail polish during a break

The most enjoyable feature of this film clip is the wonderful 1950’s fashion footage of the infamous powder room girls, busy with their primping, hair styling and fixing of stockings. We see some lovely 1950’s makeup images of women applying lipstick, nail polish and eye makeup.

That’s all ! ©Glamourdaze

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