Max Factor – Beauty Advice to Wampas Baby Stars

Hollywood hopefuls beauty tricks – Romance these days depends pretty much on a girl’s ability to use the right cosmetics! She captures the imagination with her eye shadow, holds it with her lipstick. To that, the Wampas Baby stars for 1934 chorus “Yes!” You’ll see them in Kiss and Make-up 1934, starring Cary Grant and Genevieve Tobin, and are ready…

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Max Factor Make-up Masterclass 1931

The make-up masters 1930’s beauty secrets – To some women the new word “make-up” may only mean the application of powder, or powder and rouge, or perhaps powder, rouge and lipstick. To others, make-up may only mean the theatrical use of cosmetics. Neither impression is correct, and both have therefore resulted in the wrong use of cosmetics by thousands of…

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Max Factor – The Art of 1950s Eye Makeup

Eye cosmetic tips from Max Factor- How to make up small eyes With Eyebrow pencil, draw a fine line just above and just below the lashes of the upper and lower lids. Soften this line by blending with the fingertip until it becomes a shadow. This brings the eye into greater relief, magnifying its size. Apply Mascara to the lashes….

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Makeup for Blondes – Max Factor Advice in 1935

Blonde Ann Sothern and brunette Marian Nixon – These girls are not pretty by accident, but by habit. They do the right things at the right time and so can you. You too can make beauty a habit ! I don’t know how many dark girls there are in the world. probably a hundred million – brown hair, brown eyes…

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Max Factor’s School of Make-up 1934.

Hollywood beauty guru shares secrets – “Do you know”, asks Max Factor ” that you can change the very contour of your face?” That isn’t an idle dream. It’s a fact. All you have to do is to learn a few elementary principles of art. So – step into school girls. Let’s do what the artist would do if you…

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1934 Christmas Makeup Tricks by Max Factor

Famous Hollywood Beauty expert shares his secrets – Supposing Christmas morning you could go out to that brightly trimmed tree – and find a pretty little package addressed to you – and labelled ‘ new beauty ‘. I know that actually you can find it – only in this case you’ll have to be your own Santa Claus ! Let’s…

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Max Factor MakeUp Masterclass – 1936 Film

Max Factor at work in studio – A rare vintage make up film from the golden age of Hollywood. The Hollywood make up genius Max Factor  gives a young model the Claudette Colbert look.


Hollywood Beauty Secrets – Carole Lombard with Max factor

Carole Lombard explains her 5 beauty secrets –   When a Hollywood beauty, and the foremost beauty expert get together – you can pick up some real pointers. Max Factor and Carole Lombard dish out the tips in 1935. 1930s Beauty report for Glamourdaze.com “Nothing on earth can give a woman confidence and that grand inner happiness like a little…

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How to Create the Perfect Face – Max Factor

Beauty Guru Max Factor reveals the secret in 1934 – In his own words  – the supreme master of female beauty Max Factor explains how to achieve beauty perfection through the art of makeup and hair. “Just what is beauty? Is it really only skin deep? The cameraman of Hollywood will answer in the affirmative. They will point, particularly, to…

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Max Factor, Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein

The Three Giants of Cosmetics During the early years of the 20th century, make-up became fashionable in the United States of America and Europe due to the huge influence of Ballet, Theatre and the Movie stars of Hollywood. Chief amongst the make-up wizards who helped develop cosmetics into a global mass market were Max Factor Sr, Elizabeth Arden, and Helena…

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