1934 Christmas Makeup Tricks by Max Factor

Famous Hollywood Beauty expert shares his secrets –


Supposing Christmas morning you could go out to that brightly trimmed tree – and find a pretty little package addressed to you – and labelled ‘ new beauty ‘.
I know that actually you can find it – only in this case you’ll have to be your own Santa Claus !
Let’s begin by making sure just what kind of beauty it is you want.
Maybe it’s that romantic look. The starry-eyed sort that goes with Christmas candles! Not as difficult to achieve as you might imagine – but remember, there never was romance in a straight line !
It’s soft curves that every girl wants about her face as well as her figure. Nothing too vivid. Everything must be done with as delicate a touch as possible and must harmonize to the nth degree.

How often have you seen a girl with lip rouge too light for her complexion? Or too heavilly applied? Or with mascara daubed thickly on her lower lashes? It’s such things as that which dispel romantic illusion quicker than a hare from a gun !

Max Factor‘s Makeup Tricks of the Stars


The eye-shadow should be shaed very faintly, almost imperceptibly. The rouge and lipstick must blend perfectly not only with each other but woth the skin. And most important of all: Your eyebrows, upper eyelids and mouth should have exactly the same contour. ” Synchronize” we call in in Hollywood. Now you try it ………..

A little deft work with the eyebrow pencil girls ! and you can easily conform the shape of the eyebrow with the eyelid. If you’re in the habit of drawing a light line at the edge of the eyes to enlarge their appearance, duplicate that line very faintly by extending the eyebrow. Then take your lipstick and get the same “swing” to the lips, working outward from the indentation in the upper one.

1934-Christmas-Makeup-Tricks-by-Max-Factor – Kay Francis and Bette Davis

Incidently, what I have given you here is precisely what we do when the studios ask us to make up a girl for the “love interest” in a picture!
The likeness in the curves of the features lends that certain “oomph”
If Ruby Keeler has it – that ‘oomph’ look – then whay not you?

Enhance your charm – the beauty that Nature gave you !


Real beauty is found in a woman with “charm” which is why so many so called “sirens” possess no charm at all. They may be striking in beauty but they lack warmth.
So if you have what Barrie terms as a “bloom in a woman” – there can be no better exponent than Kay Francis. The slant of her eyebrow remains the same as “Nature intended it. Unplucked except for a stray hair or two. Of course Kay rubs cold cream well into then and brushes them back smoothly on a daily basis. Another thing – charming ladies are never obvious in their makeup. They seldom retouch in public.


Do I hear you say you want to look smart for that big Christmas dinner? The sparkling young moderne with wit at her fingertips? I know of no woman who so typifies “smartness” as Ruth Chatterton“. And no woman is a greater believer in the thorough cleansing of her skin than our Ruth.
She always has that clean and refreshed look about her. So do as Ruth does – cleanse every morning and every night – make a daily pledge – as Ruth does – to make someone laugh at least once that day – pay attention to your makeup as stated above – always wear your hair with a more natural “two day old hairdo” look – spray a slight scent on all your clothing from your stockings to your hat and go out and enjoy your Christmas. I’ll be looking out for you !

That’s all !

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