1950’s Glamour Photography

These photos depict a very common style of the 1950’s in glamour photography.Photographs that were selected were mostly of girls with hour glass figures. There were however no modelling agencies and this made it difficult in terms of finding professionals. Most of the support staff of make up crews, lighting, costume and props was also …

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Vintage Vogue – 1950’s

The Second World War left women craving for glamour, style and swathes of fabric where scraps of material had once existed. Dior’s full skirted and waisted designs fulfilled all the early dreams of the feminine woman in the early 50’s. As a new, more liberated society evolved, women moved toward freer more relaxed clothes and …

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Robert Capa – Paris 1950’s

Again from Jessica at My Vintage vogueThis image from Paris 1950 is by Robert Capa, better known for his war photography.This one shows he could shoot glam just as well.Sadly he died in Vietnam 1954