1930s fashion – Vintage Hairstyle Film

1930s fashion – Women’s Hairstyles
Vintage archive film of popular 1930’s hairstyles.
Women’s Hairstyles in the early 1930s remained quite close to the head with deep set finger waves. Hair partings in the center,or on the side.However the styles began to soften a little bit, with some play in the waves becoming increasingly popular and some volume appearing.

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10 thoughts on “1930s fashion – Vintage Hairstyle Film”

  1. What I like in having shorter hair is that it's easy to manage and maintain. Since I'm a busy lady, I need to have a shorter hair. It's also one of the best hairstyles for women of today.

  2. Wow…I am just about to do my first fingerwaving tutorial for my channel and these videos are endlessly helpful, for a resource. Thanks again…

  3. You have no idea how long I've searched for a blog about this era!!! If only you wrote about men's fashion from that time period too…..sigh.

  4. How the hell did they do those intricate waves at the back of the head??? They're so amazing, i wish i was talented enough to replicate them! x

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