1940’s Fashion – Makeup Guide

Now read a Complete History of 1940’s Makeup – including galleries galore of beautiful imagery.
The defined style for makeup in the 1940’s was glamour !
A full luscious red mouth and more prominent eyebrows, getting away from the pencil thin look of the 1930’s.Eye makeup was kept to the minimum with very little shadow. Mascara was the main accessory. Topped off with long hair,either let down or in a stylish Up-do.
The Big names in makeup were Max FactorHelena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden.

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1. 1940’s makeup – Foundation
Usually a slightly darker tone to your natural color.
But if you’re trying to recreate the 1940’s look, just use your
normal foundation and get a flawless base to begin with.
2. 1940’s Makeup – Face Powder
A light rose / pinkish tinted color
Red with pink undertones,
Pink with fuchsia undertones .
Apply to the top of the cheekbone and brush towards the temples.
A triangle effect !

3. Eye makeup of the 1940’s
Starting with full but well plucked eyebrows to give a pronounced arch!
Brush with a matte shadow in a color near to your own and finish
with a touch of vaseline or petroleum jelly for that glistening Hollywood sheen.
Define the arch to a sharp point with a pencil.
Soft Cream base for the eyelids [ MAC makeup is just perfect to recreate the
classic 1940’s eye].
Shadow the socket but but avoid the brow bone.
Finish off with brown liquid eyeliner on the upper lid,sweeping up in an arch for that
glam effect and then oodles of Black mascara on the top lashes..
4. Vintage Lipstick Colors of the 1940’s
The 1940s was the golden age for lip makeup.
and the emphasis was to create a larger fuller look.
The 1940’s Lipstick color Plan
The Mono Tone
Light Reds
Pink Red
Orange Red
The Contrast Tone
Deep Red
Brick Red
Cherry Red
5. Vintage Nail Polish Colors of the 1940’s
Just about any color goes – as long as it matched your clothing.
So you could apply Navy Blue / Green/Yellow/Black – an endless choice here.
That’s all !!
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    The thing i love about 40s eye makeup is that sometimes (Most of time actually!) i really can't be bothered to apply liquid liner, therefore just a bit of shadow and i have authentic 40s eyes haha!

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