1920s Fashion – 1920’s Dress for your Silhouette

Choosing the 1920’s dress for your figure When planning a 1920’s fashion wardrobe or selecting a 1920’s dress , the body should be thought of as a unit. Garments should be chosen, not as an isolated hat, blouse or skirt, but as part of a whole scheme. The main parts of the 1920s silhouette are: 1. The mass of the head,…

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1920’s Fashion – Four Paris Evening Dresses 1926

Four beautiful 1920’s Paris dresses – Evening Dresses 1926. The Paris designers are obtaining graceful effects in 1920’s evening gowns this season by the skillful use of hip-line accents either at the side or center-front. Sashes and draperies are used for emphasis of this silhouette and the effect is carried upward by means of delightful artificial flowers and ribbon motifs…

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Threads of Time – Color Portal to 1920s Womens Style

1920s Fashion Recorded and Styled – A Photographic essay of Women’s fashion – 1920 to 1930 A project that is 60 years in the making began with renowned fashion photographer Neal Barr’s personal and lifelong obsession with women’s apparel from the Roaring 20s and his plan to stage and photograph, in meticulous detail and full color, a fashion display that…

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Hollywood stars step out in furs for Christmas – 1928

It’s all  furs for winter 1928 – Almost everyone can scare up a thrill for Christmas – it means snappy, healthy weather, beautiful foxy furs, perfumes, violets, theatres and candlelight. There is something bewitching about the dark hours of winter and the Christmas atmosphere – and every woman plans her winter wardrobe for this delightfully colorful season. The movie stars have a…

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1920s Fashion – Hollywood Summer Dresses 1929

1920s Fashion Predictions for Hollywood – Summer 1929 –   With the Wall Street Crash just around the corner, it was all sweetness and light in California. Some of Hollywoods most glamorous stars model their chosen wardrobe for the coming season. Carolyn Van Wycks reports for Glamourdaze from May 1929. In color, line and design, Hollywood fashion offers its creative genius…

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1920s Fashion – The Twelve Hour Dress

1920s Style report – from Carolyn Van Wycks in 1927 – FROM luncheon to summer – all without a change of costume! Carmel Myers designed this four-in-one 1920s dress for the girl whose dates overlap. The gown is also called Bermuda Onion, because it can be unpeeled in layers. Carmel considers it the biggest invention since rolled stockings or the…

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1920s Fashion – Catwalk Show from 1928.

Charming Vintage fashion film from the 1920’s – 1920s dress styles were at their peak by 1928 as this charming archive film shows from an American fashion event in 1928. Pretty cloche hats , knee length coats in fur and drop waist dresses galore. 1920s fashion is always with us, but its nice to see those original ladies model the…

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Vintage Fashion film in color from 1928

Lost 1920s Fashion Film in color

An extra clip from the wonderful 1920s fashion feature –  discovered by our good friend Murray Glass of Emgee Films. Murray had acquired a large collection of old film negative and he came across a feature from California advertising a local couture company. You can watch the original feature and read our interview with Murray Glass. In the meantime enjoy…

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1920s Fashion – Autumn Wardrobe and Beauty Makeover 1928.

Time traveling beauty consultant Carolyn Van Wyck – dishes out 1920s wardobe and beauty advice to a girl in 1928. That all important day when you have to consider your winter beauty regime, put those summer skirts away, fold up your swimsuits and consider what to keep from last years wardrobe and what to add for the coming Fall season….

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Lady Olive Baillie – The English Great Gatsby.

Lady Olive Baillie – The English Great Gatsby. The subject of  BBC4’s excellent Woman’s Hour this week was the experiences of women in Britain after the First World War and on into the 1920’s. Women’s role in employment, politics and in the family were discussed. But it was the arrival of former Labour MP Shirley Williams to discuss the life…

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