Threads of Time – Color Portal to 1920s Womens Style

1920s Fashion Recorded and Styled –

A Photographic essay of Women’s fashion – 1920 to 1930


A project that is 60 years in the making began with renowned fashion photographer Neal Barr’s personal and lifelong obsession with women’s apparel from the Roaring 20s and his plan to stage and photograph, in meticulous detail and full color, a fashion display that would for the first time accurately and comprehensively depict this iconic era for a 21st Century audience to enjoy!


This December 2015 – the book 1920s Fashion Recorded and Styled will be published as a voluptuous two volume 1000 page book set and it promises to be unlike anything that has ever been published before.


I feel it is certain to be a best seller in vintage fashion circles, if these mouth watering images are anything to go by.
Through the eyes of this master, we will get to experience women’s fashion from the 1920s –  for the first time in stunning detail – and in full colour !

Neal Barr in Threads of Time

Threads of Time is a unique documentary film due out soon by Ethan Boehme presented by famous journalist Alex Chadwick, and charts both Barr’s life and this incredible story.



You can even help contribute to its release by visiting the Threads of Time Documentary website and get your advance order in for a copy of the DVD or if you wish, you may contribute more generous sums as ‘a producer’ or even an ‘executive producer’ should your pocket should allow !

Here’s a sneak preview !

Threads of Time” 20’s Hats Excerpt

“Threads of Time” 20’s Hats Excerpt from Ethan Boehme on Vimeo.

What this film explores is a behind the scenes story of an artist and a documentarian, on the verge of completing a lifelong project. It is also clearly a labour of love for Ethan.



Ethan Boehme explains
“In short Mr Barr’s project is a stunning and comprehensive documentation of women’s fashion specifically from the 1920’s decade.
Throughout his life he has collected 1920s gowns hats, gloves, shoes,jewellery, scarves, handbags and then he masterfully coordinated this ensemble, all historically accurate from decades of research and then he photographed them …perfectly !”


1920s-Fashion-Recorded-and-Styled - Threads of Time documentary

“Remember,” continues Boehme, ” these articles are nearly a century old. There was no color photography then, only grainy black and white film or hand done illustration !”

NB – Perhaps one exception is Glamourdaze’s popular broadcast of the rare technicolor Beautiful Flappers – 1920s Color Fashion Film – discovered by Californian archivist Murray Glass

Threads of Time – documentary excerpt

“THREADS OF TIME” (Clip#1) from Ethan Boehme on Vimeo.

“With the completion of this project” says Boehme, ” we create a portal, a window in to our past, and through it we see elements in our history that for only for Neal Barr, may have been lost for ever.
It really is ‘time travel’ in to that pivotal era which was the birth of modernity! ”



To complete this incredible story, and assist in post production, the makers of Threads through Time are seeking to raise $30,000 to ensure that the film will be available when the book is released in December 2015.

“For your donations you’ll get lots of perks !” says Boehme.

I for one can’t wait to see this feature in its final form and Glamourdaze wishes both Ethan and Neal Barr the best of luck in the coming release of the book and film.

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That’s all !

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  1. Fabulous entry on a wonderful project – this is a book beyond the wildest dreams of those of us who love the 1920s, a chance to have the most comprehensive look at the fashion of the period in one collection we’re ever likely to have. I’ve kicked in my donation, as I’d love to see the documentary as well!

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