Hollywood stars step out in furs for Christmas – 1928

It’s all  furs for winter 1928 –


Almost everyone can scare up a thrill for Christmas – it means snappy, healthy weather, beautiful foxy furs, perfumes, violets, theatres and candlelight. There is something bewitching about the dark hours of winter and the Christmas atmosphere – and every woman plans her winter wardrobe for this delightfully colorful season.

The movie stars have a pretty complete fashion salon in Hollywood – they get the Paris fashions as soon as New York does, but just the same, the girls can’t resist jumping on the California Ltd for a day of shopping in New York.


Louise Brooks spent the whole of last weekend flurrying about for the latest Paris furs in Manhattan . Estelle Taylor and June Marlow were there a week ago with a stream of hotel errand boys running after them laden down with pretty packages.
” I love the sudden dip of the bouffant skirt from the knee this season!” declares Barbara Kent.” and don’t you just adore the feel of a warm fur collar!”

The aforementioned Miss Brooks made everyone gasp recently, wearing a Jacqueminot rose chiffon velvet fur worn over a tight bodice and very full low hemmed skirt.
No Christmas fashion season would be right without a corsage of beautiful starlets bending in their newest and most elegant fur coats.

That’s all ! 

Transcription©Glamourdaze 2014
Originally reported in Screenland – December 1928

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