1920s Fashion – The Twelve Hour Dress

1920s Style report – from Carolyn Van Wycks in 1927 –


FROM luncheon to summer – all without a change of costume!
Carmel Myers designed this four-in-one 1920s dress for the girl whose dates overlap. The gown is also called Bermuda Onion, because it can be unpeeled in layers. Carmel considers it the biggest invention since rolled stockings or the trick cigarette lighter.


In the first picture above – you see the frock as it is worn for luncheon – a dark blue duvetyn ensemble, embroidered in beige. The coat comes off and presto! – an afternoon frock with an apron front and skirt of dark blue and a bodice of pale blue braided in a darker shade.

The apron unbuttons and, when it is removed ( as in the third picture), Miss Myers is garbed for dinner in a frock with a blue chiffon blouse and a white skirt, with a bodice of silver ribbon.

Will wonders ever cease? The sleeves snap off at the arm-holes ( see the picture at the left) and finally we have Carmel all ready to step out for a dance.

Here’s our question? Where does Carmel park all her discarded pieces as she leaps from date to date?

Thanks to the Media History Project – excerpt from Photoplay 1927.

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