1920’s Fashion – Four Paris Evening Dresses 1926

Four beautiful 1920’s Paris dresses –

Four Evening Dresses 1926 – Chanel, Lelong, Worth and Lelong

Evening Dresses 1926. The Paris designers are obtaining graceful effects in 1920’s evening gowns this season by the skillful use of hip-line accents either at the side or center-front. Sashes and draperies are used for emphasis of this silhouette and the effect is carried upward by means of delightful artificial flowers and ribbon motifs at the shoulder.

Lelong evening dress 1926

A pink frock by Lelong charmingly employs a center-front accent, whose fringe and flower trimmings are both exceedingly smart features of the winter mode.

Fashion-News-1920s---Evening-Frocks-for-1926-House of Worth
Evening dress House of Worth 1926

A really stunning evening dress from House of Worth is made from brocaded chiffon. The graceful tiered effect is one of fashions newest features.

Evening frock from Chanel 1926

Paris designers are playing up this note in subtle ways, as in Coco Chanels gorgeous satin dress. It has a skirt with slanting tunic and the two tiered blouse, draped on the opposite side is after the fashion of the skirt, which charmingly decorated with a floral design.

Evening dress by Jenny 1926

The color charts this season is dominated by dark rich tones. Black is still very important as in the black chiffon velvet evening frock by Jenny , with beaded hip decoration, and a grey silk shoulder ornament.

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