1940s Fashion – The Wartime Day to Day Frock


Pathe 1940s fashion newsreel from 1943 – In wartime Britain, women had to make do and mend, with severe rationing from coupons and utility clothing a must, the new ethos was to be innovative with your current wardrobe. This Pathe film suggests – a tad optimistically that a girl could get by for a whole …

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The Gamine Figure – The Second New Look of 1949


New Gamine Figure of 1949 turns heads American women, battle-scarred survivors of the 1947 style revolution, when the New Look took over, are hearing disquieting reports from the fashion front: Having made over their figures for the New Look, was it possible that they were going to have to do it all over again? The …

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1940s Fashion – Summer-Frocks – June 1946

Some early post war summer styles To the left - actress Diana Lynn sports Henry Rosenfield's superbly cut "sun dress" of Loomshire cotton poplin. It has a tiny separate jacket to cover its one bare shoulder ! To the right - a lustrious melin colored tropical worsted by Junior Deb. Gracefully balooned sleeves with the new "dropped shoulder" line. To the left, this rayon garbardine beauty will be the most versatile thing in your wardrobe. With flats and a beanie, wear it to school. With your big black straw hat plus a pair of black shortie gloves - wear to the dance ! The middle dress - is a two piece battle-jacketed honey. Skirt is tailored to a T. It can be worn casual as here or with a white ascot, hat and gloves. Frock in the far right is a charmer of a two piecer, with its expensive looking dressmaker touches that are found in dresses twice the price. All these Gail Gray Junior Classics are made by the Jack Wasserman Company. Our next three summer frocks are particularly sweet. To the left, airy dotted swiss makes this enchantingly prim little number, with its white ruffles outlining neck and armholes, and that new dropped waistline look. To the center: Feminine and fragile is the way you will look in this bare-shouldered plaid cotton. It is as fitted as can be, and the skirt is very full. Shoestring bows which you tie yourself. Very pretty. To the right: This striped seersucker ( puckered) is something out of a fairy tale, with its double puffed sleeves, its beruffled skirt. Alol these wonderful dresses are by that brilliant designer, Dorris Varnum, of Jonathan Logan. That's all ©Glamourdaze 2015 Original text from 1946 Modern Screen

Some early post war summer styles- To the left – actress Diana Lynn sports Henry Rosenfield‘s superbly cut “sun dress” of Shire cotton poplin. It has a tiny separate jacket to cover its one bare shoulder ! To the right – a lustrous melon colored tropical worsted by Junior Deb. Gracefully ballooned sleeves with the …

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1940s Fashion – How to get Christian Dior’s New Look !

Corsets and padding for Diors New Look of 1947- 1940s Fashion – from Glamourdaze.com – Two 1940s British models attempt to achieve Christian Dior’s New Look by wearing the latest 1940s shape-wear -From the Pathe’s film archive. With half of London still in ruins, and food and clothing rationing still enforced, this was more of …

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