1940s Fashion – The Wartime Day to Day Frock

Pathe 1940s fashion newsreel from 1943 –


In wartime Britain, women had to make do and mend, with severe rationing from coupons and utility clothing a must, the new ethos was to be innovative with your current wardrobe.


This Pathe film suggests – a tad optimistically that a girl could get by for a whole week in one simple frock and some clever accessorising.

Now commencing on Monday, Anne Edwards: fashion expert with Woman, shows all our girls how to make one fashion frock do for every day of the week.


Monday:Why not start off a busy week with a dainty ribbon of flowers made of ribbon or tape?


Tuesday: Our girl has a lunch date from the office. To go with it there’s a little collar made of lace with a square cut in the middle for than swan like neck.


Wednesday: If you’re getting tired of the dress – as a dress, you can turn it into a suit, with the help of a little bodice front and a jacket.


Off with the jacket, and it’s your daytime frock in another new and attractive guise.


Thursday: This is your half day. When you meet your boyfriend, he won’t recognise the old frock when it’s all dressed up at the front made out of an old blouse. Looks like a completely new outfit, doesn’t it?!



Friday: Going away for the weekend? Let’s give the frock a new look with this simple scarf. The transformation is as simple as it is effective.


Saturday: Off for a hike or a bike through the country? Well that same old frock turns up once more with a pretty pink waistcoat and cravat. None of these little extras is too ambitious or too expensive, and what a difference they make !


Sunday: If this is the day when Sir Lancelot comes round to tea, you’ll probably want to give the impression that you’ve put on a totally new frock, especially for him.
So on goes the full length apron front, cut out of the good pieces of a shabby frock.

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Now, what a bout a walk in the garden !?

That’s all!
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Original footage and narrative ©Pathe
See the original Pathe newseel : Day to day Frock – 1943

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