1910 – Seven Secret Edwardian Beauty Hints

Illustrated Beauty Guide from the Titanic Era – Some highlights from a 1910 personal beauty book by Margaret Mixter. You can find the full book on Archive.org.  A rare insight from the Edwardian Era,  into the beauty habits and secrets of Edwardian women. 1. Massage – Face,Neck,Eyelids,Arms 2. Giving a Dry Shampoo. 3. Manicuring. 4. Wrinkles. 5. Preserve your Small…

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Edwardian Outfit a Sensation at 1906 Murder trial

In 1906 – Model Evelyn Nesbitt causes a stir at her husbands murder trial – with her outfit! Evelyn Nesbitt – one of the 20th Century’s first style icons was a young model /actress thrust into the limelight in New York when her name was involved in the infamous murder of Stanford White, a respected architect in 1906.  He was…

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Edwardian 1900s Street Fashion Images - by Edward Linley Sambourne

Lost Images of London and Paris Street fashions in 1906 .

Lost photographs of Edwardian London and Paris Street fashions in 1906 . by Edward Linley Sambourne – The Edwardian Sartorialist A wonderful set of fashion images found via Retronaut from The Library Time Machine,  the Kensington Library blog curated by Dave Walker. A leading Punch cartoonist at the time – no doubt Linley Sambourne took photos to help him with…

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