Vintage Glasses – Top 20 Movie Appearances

Iconic Glasses and the Stars who Wore them – There is nothing like a trusty pair of glasses for an actor to assume a character. Oddly there have not been too many iconic performances by glasses on screen, and most of these are by men. For women, the total lack of vogue for eye wear was always a problem, and…

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Girls Who Wear Glasses – 1940s Beauty Tips

Vintage advice for bespectacled girls 1943 – We generally flee like mad from statistics, but the other day we ran smack into some figures on girls who wear glasses, that sent us dashing out to find out more about them. Do you know that you and some 25,000,000 of your sisters in the United States wear glasses? And that the way…

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Cat Eye Glasses – Vintage Style and Beauty Advice

Beauty Tips for wearing Cat Eye Glasses in the 1950’s When you start to wear glasses, you acquire a new day-in-day-out accessory – your frames become part of your face. Frames should be in proportion to the size of the face, but adjust your taste to changing fashions. The top-line of the frame should be in harmony with the line…

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