Conflicting Portrayals of WW2 Women in the 1940s

Plucky WAAF to the unfaithful harlot – It was a very different time to be a woman. On both sides of the Atlantic, conflicting messages about femininity and female sexuality were doled out by the official War Offices and subsequently spread by the media and the movie world. From the patriotic hard working WAAF, Land Girl and Rosie the Riveter…

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1940s Fashion – Evening Frock to Day Frock !

Wartime utility fashion advice from Pathe 1943 – Fashion expert Anne Edwards shows us how ! That old dance frock is just a waste of good material in wartime. Lets cut the skirt to a daytime length. Out of the piece of material you cut off, you get the yoke and sleeves for your new frock. make yourself a paper…

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A Day in the Life – Two Women in the early 1940s

One in wartime Britain, the other in pre-war America 1941 – In late 1941 – quite coincidentally, there were two picture essays of a typical day in the lives of two different women in the 1940s. The first, an American housewife, by the name of Jane Amberg from Kankakee, Illinois.USA. The second, a young British girl called Mrs Olive Day,…

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1940s Fashion – Deborah Kerr models the 1942 British Utility Dress

Deborah Kerr models the 1942 British Utility Dress Typical Utility dress of pale blue light woolen, it has double-breasted bodice and pleats in the skirt. Spectator model at 62 shillings and 10d. Everything about it is top flight except the price . Originally published in Picture Post 1942. Text transcription copyright Glamourdaze.com 2013 Look in your shops for Utility Dresses….

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