A Brief Visual History of Lingerie

Sixty Years of Women’s Foundation wear – 1905 Corset Originating from England, this s-curve corset made with floral brocaded silk, silk ribbon, and elastic. The Edwardian corset rested low over the bosom and extended down over the hips. The straight-front, when laced up provided the infamous s-curve which pushed breasts out, stomach in and back arched. Although pioneered by female…

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1920s Fashion - Modes from Paris 1928

1920s Fashion – Modes from Paris 1928

Art Gout Beaute Magazine 1928 – While the latest summer frocks are enjoying their brilliant but ephemeral existence at the Deauville, Le Touquet, and La Baule casinos, and while these fashionable seaside resorts are covered with a bewildering display of colors, the dress designers are showing the first of the winter fashions to foreign buyers. Modes from Paris 1928 –…

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1920s Fashion Animation

An animated vintage fashion feature We came across a charming 1920s fashion ‘sticker’ book for children recently. Packed full of delightful and historically accurate digital depictions of key 1920s clothing. Created by Usborne Publishing – an innovative publisher for children. You can have fun dressing these dolls in a Coco Chanel wardrobe, for a Paris shopping trip, a night out…

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A Brief History of the Bra!

A Brief History of the Brassiere. Herminie Cadolle, a corsetiere in 1889 made history at the Paris Exposition Universelle when she revealed her corset-gorge – a corset for the bust. It was the forerunner of the bustier or long-line bra. That being said – it was still a corset – not a brassiere. The first notable name in brassiere design…

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