1920s Fashion Animation

An animated vintage fashion feature

We came across a charming 1920s fashion ‘sticker’ book for children recently.
Packed full of delightful and historically accurate digital depictions of key 1920s clothing. Created by Usborne Publishing – an innovative publisher for children. You can have fun dressing these dolls in a Coco Chanel wardrobe, for a Paris shopping trip, a night out at a Jazz club, a day at the seaside, or a glamorous ‘Egyptian Party’, and many more – which is precisely what we did – only Glamourdaze has created a vintage fashion animation for you to enjoy!

1920s fashion – Coco Chanel.


Coco Chanel made simple yet extremely chic clothes and accessories. She added pleats to skirts, dropped waists, and also used stretchy knitted fabrics like jersey. Chanel’s distinctive logo is two interlocking letter C’s. Taking inspiration from work-wear, Chanel’s designs included the Breton stripe, originally seen on sailors uniforms, and Harris and Houndstooth tweed, worn by farmers. This innovative lady also produced the first ‘fashion house’ perfume – Chanel No5.

Watch the full animated video.

 1920s fashion – Eastern Party


It’s midsummer 1923 and Eqyptian-style gowns are all the rage and the perfect outfits to wear to an elegant dinner party. The tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered in 1922, causing great excitement all round the globe. Fashion designers were thus inspired to produce Egyptian elements in tot heir designs. It was known as the Eqyptian revival.

1920s fashion – Jazz Club Flappers


It’s 1925, and bright young things dance in lively jazz clubs. The latest craze is the Charleston, which involves high leg kicks and swinging arms. Accessories were an essential for any 1920s flapper. Elaborate headdresses, beads, scarves, bracelets. Dresses had sequined tassles or rows of feathers that flicked up during dancing!

1920s fashion – Ocean Cruise


On a luxury liner, these cruise goers have dressed to the nines in nautical-styled outfits. Fashion designers often experimented with playful fashion trends like this. Passengers were expected to change outfits for different on board activities.

1920s fashion – Paris Shopping Trip.


For those in search of the latest modes, Paris was the essential shopping destination. It’s winter 1928, and these friends are keeping warm in fur trimmed coats while they scour the stores for chic new outfits. usually armed with a copy of Art Gout Beaut, these ladies would not return home without atleast a dozen full outfits to see them safely through the season.

To buy the book – visit Usborne Quicklinks.

Acknowledgements: Art by John Russell, Mike Olley, Nick Wakeford, Laura Wood and Stella Baggott.

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