1920s Fashion – Modes from Paris 1928

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1920s Fashion - Paul Poiret Paris 1928

While the latest summer frocks are enjoying their brilliant but ephemeral existence at the Deauville, Le Touquet, and La Baule casinos, and while these fashionable seaside resorts are covered with a bewildering display of colours, the dressmakers are showing the first of the winter fashions to foreign buyers.

1920s Fashion - Modes from Paris 1928 - Drecoll and Beer

This provides a piquant contrast between the light and airy materials that flutter in the summer breezes and the woolens and velvets that spring to life by the various studied gestures of the mannequins whose duty it is to show off the multifarious charms of these fabrics.

1920s Fashion - Paris 1928 - Drecoll and Lucien Lelong

The textile manufacturers have become the principal collaborators of the dressmakers. How could the latter fail to produce masterpieces with such charming fancy velvets, with flowered designs that constitute so many new editions of the summer crepes and chiffon’s?

1920s Fashion - Paris 1928 - Hats by Lewis

These crepes and chiffon’s are popular alike with Parisiennes, with American women, and with the noble ladies of the United Kingdom. There can be no doubt as to the very great vogue of printed materials this summer. Their light and fresh combinations of colour make them the principal rivals of Nature.

1920s Fashion - Paris 1928 - Worth and Lelong

The effect at a garden party is as if so many animated flowers were moving about on a background of trees and shrubs. They show themselves in the casinos, in the evening, with the embellishment of artificial stones, and nothing could be prettier.

1920s Fashion - Paris 1928 - Jenny, Doucet and Doeuillet

One of the prettiest novelties of the season is paste diamond embroidery on printed chiffon and crepes. A flowered dress, for instance, has diamond embroidered fichu as the continuation of the decollete at the back.

1920s Fashion - Paris 1928

Modern woman, who is clever and practical, wants materials and dresses to last longer. This partly explains the popularity of the shirt-crepes, made entirely of silk and essentially washable, now made in such an immense variety of patterns and so suitable for young looking frocks at the seaside and in the country.

1920s Fashion - Paris 1928 - Patou and Paquin

Stockingette is also very much in favour this season and we shall see it for the first time this winter in combination English velvet.A good deal of cotton velvet will also be worn, the success of which can already be seen when we survey the frocks and wraps for day and evening wear.

1920s Fashion - Paris 1928 - Redfern and Molyneux

Winter skirts are characterized, round the legs, by an irregularity which was not altogether unexpected,it having been more or less foreshadowed by the lovely skirts worn during this summer. The first indications of novelty are supplied by the new dress collections in an abundance of original and clever ways of making the skirt, and also the use of drapings and bows and puffs, to break the line at the back.

1920s Fashion - Paris 1928 - Philippe & Gaston, Lucien Lelong

Another novelty full of chic is the contrast of dark furs on light-coloured woollen and satin wraps.As this shows, the motto of the season is ‘contrast’. From these oppositions and harmonies, needless to say, the dressmakers derive opportunities which they utilize like genuine artists. Worth, Callot, Doucet, Jenny, Beer and Bernard, to mention a few, perform their miracles. The simple dresses designed by Bernard & Co for yachting and golf aroused general admiration on the Riviera, while their lace and chiffon dresses are being displayed to great effect in casinos.

1920s Fashion - Paris 1928 - Lingerie by Molyneux

Paris Grand Prix de l’Elegance

Founded only two years ago, and the great fashion event of the summer, its influence has already extended all over the world. On this occasion women make their appearance in the most perfect gowns, designed by the very best fashion designers.

1920s Fashion - Lucien Lelong

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