Shoe Fashion – Time travel back to the 1930’s

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Shoe Fashion – Time travel back to the 1930’s

It isn’t often you get a high quality fashion film feature from the 1930’s but Glamourdaze is delighted to present ‘Shoe Fashion – Time travel back to the 1930’s’. A sparkling fashion film featuring women’s designer shoes from the 1930’s.
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2 thoughts on “Shoe Fashion – Time travel back to the 1930’s”

  1. Hi,
    I am currently making a 25 min film about shoes and identity for the University of Sheffield UK ( the project is called ‘If the Shoe Fits’ ) and I love all your shoe clips and wonder if I will be able to use a few them in the film and how I would be able to get hold of a full quality copies.

    Eve Wood

  2. I love your videos and I have mentioned your page on my blog.
    Thanks for sharing such beautiful things with us!
    Regards from Brazil ♡ !

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