Vintage Fashion Report – 1930’s Swimwear

Vintage Fashion Report – 1930s Swimwear.
As originally reported in 1936 fashion newsreel.

1930’s Swimsuit 1.

The very latest thing, a printed linen halter top with navy wide ribbed body.
and over this is worn cape and hood.

1930’s Swimsuit 2.

A One piece Bahama, and over this a heavy terry cloth robe with flared skirt.

1930’s Swimsuit 3.

A newspaper print suit with short coat and detachable hood.
Something to look over while you stretch out on the sand!

1930’s Swimsuit 4.

Bahama blue swimsuit with white tubular straps and trim.

1930’s Swimsuit 5.

A blue ribbed stitch M.Y.O [ make your own ] with white sun-back halter top.
Lady – how this would have shocked your great grandmother !!

1930’s Swimsuit 6.

A nautical swimsuit of sharkskin with fitted coat over a navy and white polkadot silk blouse.

1930’s Swimsuit 7.

Striped M.Y.O with separate plain colored wrap-around skirt.
That’s all !!

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