Gorgeous Shoe Fashions ( Vintage Film 1936 )

1930’s Shoes for Women – Archive film

“Gorgeous fashion in 1930’s footwear. A Rainy Morning, but no rubbers, but sure footing in shoes
of gleaming water-proof patent leather – with the new pearl luster finish. A shining example for the new year.
Oxfords and Pumps hold their own during the rainy season.And now with clear afternoon skies, it is time to wear the more formal high heel shoes.These exhibits are designed by Dan Porter.These white oxfords are for cocktails.Evenings bring the high heeled sandals with open toes. Dance, be merry and keep pace with the times with slippers fit for Cinderella.”

The 1930’s, despite the Depression – brought an amazing variety of beautiful shoe styles to women.
Gone were the simple ankle straps of the 1920’s Flapper and in came the heel. This unique archive film
showcases the ‘latest’ women’s shoe fashions of 1936.

Popular shoes included pumps, slip-on, lace-ups, buckles, two tone and spectator designs. With outdoor fashions becoming more and more popular for the leisure woman, you saw more sandals – not just on the beach but the high heeled version for evening wear too.

Fashionable colors included white, black, two tone white and black, brown and wine shades.
The standard evening shoe to wear with your dress included asymmetrical trimmed court shoes, sling backs and of course – peep toes.
With skirt hems getting lower during the 1930’s, women’s shoes became all the more exotic with decorations being the order of the day [ it was the Art Deco era after all ! ].

Cutouts were seen on pumps and the standard Oxford shoe became much more decorated with perforated hole designs and so on.This vintage film showcases womens shoes for street wear, rainy days to evening sandals and heels. Gorgeous.

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