1930’s Fashion – Womens Shoe Styles

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1930s Fashion – Glamour of Womens Shoes

In the early twentieth century women demanded more comfortable, flat-soled shoes– that is until the roaring twenties when higher hemlines encouraged visible, elaborate, high heeked and slender Louis heels. The Depression during the 1930’s highly influenced shoe fashion in the USA and Europe as heels became lower and wider. The new heel developed an elegant look and stars’ shoes like Ginger Roger’s white and glittery heels began to challenge the influence of French shoe fashion .Here you see some examples of shoe styles from the 1930s as worn by various Hollywood Sirens like Carole Lombard,Bette Davis, Garbo [ she of the apparently big feet] and more.
Also some great images from Life Magazine, which now has its back catalogue online.
Enjoy !

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  4. What immensely pretty shoes. Their beauty – for me – lies not only in their classic shapes and materials but in the fact that they so seamlessly merge function and elegance together.

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  5. What interesting facts! Thank you for sharing, I adore 1930's shoes :)) (40's too, oh, don't get me started on 40's shoes…)

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