1930’s Fashion Report – New decade brings new look from Paris

1930s Paris Fashion Dress

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An original fashion report from Ladies Home Journal January 1930s.

Now that the surprise, shock and indignation of the arrival of the new mode are only memories, we begin 1930 and a new decade at that, with sports and daytime frocks at becoming but practical lengths, with the realization that waists may be high but also becoming, that individuality has achieved importance of its own, that a new and really beautiful fashion has been evolved. Paris sends us these fascinating design to drool over, authentic in chic, with a heart beat to every line and trimming.

1930s fashion from Paris A

1-Doeuillet-Doucet’s ” Ramona dress” [ above image ] tempers the feminine mode to the very tall slim woman who finds too many vertical lines unbecoming. The riffled circular flounce is held cleverly by wide bands crossing in back and appearing again in front as a crushed girdle.Designed for size 12, 14 and 16. Worn with it is an intricately and becomingly draped black felt turban from maria et Andree.

1930s Paris fashion B.

2-The House of Lucille’s exquisite evening gown is not only an inspiration for a tropic-going wardrobe but sufficient excuse for a midwinter trip !
An original gray and rose printed chiffon, the circular skirt edged with black velvet. Just below the velvet girdle are placed gray and rose flowers in the tones of the fabric. The circular skirt is long in front and back, the under-skirt at each side – the floating cape in back – both feminine and flattering.

1930s Paris fashion C

1930s Paris Fashion Dress

Lenief has written an entire explanation of how to be a la mode but not fussy in her gorgeous outfit pictured here. There are swagger little pockets and four circular godets in the skirt, applied bands with bow ends on the bodice and sleeves. Designed in dark green crepe, for ages 16 to 30. The simply entrancing hat, with bow in back, is from Agnes.

1930s Paris fashion D

1930s Paris Fashion Dress

The scalloped line on which the circular jabot is attached, the scalloped line of the yoke above the pleated skirt, are echoed by a scalloped yoke in back in Phillipe et Gaston’s design. The dashing hat is from Lewis.

1930s Paris fashion E

In the next outfit they have thoughtfully provided an excellent excuse for a southern cruise in ” Les Regates”. It should be treasured for Spring if you are not going south. The little sleeveless blouse was designed in red, with a long sailor collar and a tie of white to match, but smart young sportswomen will probably have several in various colors.
The skirt is on a camisole top and is pleated except in the center back.The smart felt hat worn with it is from Marcelle-lely and has a brim which is raised in front.

1930s Paris fashion F

Drecoll -Beer creates a chic travel or sports dress, in one piece, the skirt buttoned in front and circular at the
sides. A large bow of black velvet trims the beige felt Hermance hat !

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