1930s Fashion – More Fall Styles – 1938

October fashions from Hollywood in 1938 – Edith Head designed this bottle-green and beige herringbone tweed suit for Joan Bennett to wear. The green note of the tweed is repeated in the velvet trim of the long topcoat, the cashmere sweater and suede accessories. the stitched velvet acorn cap is also of tweed. To the …

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Google honours Hollywoods Edith Head

The diminutive and controversial Hollywood costume designer Edith Head is being honored today by Google – with a cool little doodle on its home page. She would have been 116 years old today. Google is featuring an image of the designer standing in front of some of her famous designs.Read our full story of Edith …

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Edith Head – Hollywood’s Infamous Costume Designer

edith head - hollywood costume designer

A study of Vintage fashion on Film through the costume design of Edith Head A small diminutive woman, famous for her Anna May Wong inspired crop and signature sunglasses – Edith Head may not have been a fashion visionary, but she knew how to concoct screen glamor like nobody before her or since. With a …

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