Indian Summers challenges Downton Abbey


Lush new 1930s drama gets off to a good start – As a committed fan of Downton Abbey, its soap like plot, endearing characters and of course the costumes, Glamourdaze waited with interest for Channel 4’s new tv drama starring Julie Walters and Roshan Seth begins in the dying days of the British Raj in …

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1930s fashion – Recreating a Joan Crawford 1935 dress suit.


A while ago I stumbled across a vintage costume designer by the name of Anushka Tay. In the admittedly self indulgent and rather fluffy realm of vintage fashion blogs this girl caught my attention. In the course of her third year research she has devoted some considerable time and energy to studying and recreating – …

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Most Beautiful Film Dress – Ever

atonement---green-dress Jacqueline Durran

The 1930s ‘green evening gown’ in the film Atonement – worn by Kiera Knightly. Ok – there are probably other ‘most beautiful dresses’ in films that could beat this one – Audrey Hepburn’s Givenchy dress in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” for starters. But that green dress worn by Kiera Knightly,designed by Jacqueline Durran  in the Oscar …

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Edith Head – Hollywood’s Infamous Costume Designer

edith head - hollywood costume designer

A study of Vintage fashion on Film through the costume design of Edith Head A small diminutive woman, famous for her Anna May Wong inspired crop and signature sunglasses – Edith Head may not have been a fashion visionary, but she knew how to concoct screen glamor like nobody before her or since. With a …

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