A Visit to a 1950’s Women’s Beauty Salon

A lovely glimpse inside a 1950’s beauty salon, with beauticians doing facials, hair styling, manicures and makeup.

1950's Women's Beauty Salon
Beautician applies a facial in a 1950’s beauty salon

1950’s Beauty and Hair Salon Video

Take a trip on a time machine and visit a 1950’s beauty salon. Remastered and colorized by Glamour Daze.

A Visit to a 1950’s hair and beauty salon

The transformation that can take place in a young woman’s appearance, simply by changing the style of her hair, is deftly accomplished in the hands of an experienced beautician.

That teenage look can be replaced by sophistication, with swift strokes of scissors and comb.

Many women average two hours a week in a beauty salon. The care given their crowning glory depends on how much time they can give it and the skill of the hair stylist and beautician.

Male hair stylist in a 1950's beauty salon
Male hair stylist at work in the 1950’s

Since 1945, an increasing number of men have chosen the beautification of womankind as a career.
Their customers have confidence in their judgement. Because, after all, who is more appreciative of beautiful women, than a man.

The Rise of Women’s Hair Salons

The way to beauty may not be the most attractive. But the admiring glances that result, are worth it.
At one time, a man visited a barbers shop to relax, as much as to have his hair attended.
Now modern women go to the beauty shop with the same objective.

Manicures in the 1950's
Manicurist at work in the 1950’s

Special beauty treatments bring to milady’s countenance, a look of health and youth.
A manicurist shapes and polishes her nails to accentuate the length and gracefulness of long tapering fingers.

Knowledge of skincare and facial structure, is something a beautician learns as an apprentice.Her fingers are the tools with which she always works.

1950's beautician does a facial
Beautician giving a facial in the 1950’s

The direction in which they move. The rhythym of the massage, perform another kind of beauty magic.

A woman’s hands are a simportant to her as her face, hair and clothing.

Not even all the secrets of what goes on in a woman’s beauty salon, are obvious to the outsider.
A beautician trained in all aspects of beauty culture – washing, waving, facials, manicures and makeup, knows more than words can tell.

Hair styling in the 1950's
Hair styling in the 1950’s

The proper use of hands and equipment. The way to roll an curler. Is something not always expressible in words. It’s enough that we are able to enjoy the result of their work.

Beauticians are people whose craft dates back to the beginnings of civilized society.

That’s all !
Colorization & Transcription © Glamour Daze

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