1940s Beauty Rites with Julie Bishop

How to Stay Young in 1942 –


No matter how busy you may be, you don’t neglect those little beauty rites so necessary to comfort and appearance.

Make up your mind that no matter how rushed and difficult your life may be you are going to look your best all the time.

Keep young, look younger than you really are. And you can girls, if you follow these simple hints as demonstrated by the lovely actress Julie Bishop

1940s-Beauty-Rites---1942 with Julie Bishop
Don’t raise your eyebrows if you can help it. Cut it out! says actress Julie Bishop.Gentle massage with a good tissue cream will iron out the lines. Very gentle tapping around the eyes will help them to keep young longer. use only your best cream for this.

Remove every trace of powder and lipstick before going to bed each night. Go to bed before 10 o’clock at least three nights a week. Pamper your skin a little. Give your face a little massage treatment or a mask occasionally. Pat in a little nourishing cream before slipping into bed if you think your skin looks a bit “weathered.” Slap your under chin ( note picture!) if your profile is at all threatened.

1940s-Beauty-Rites---1942 with Julie Bishop
1940s-Beauty-Rites—1942 with Julie Bishop. You can’t beat a good astringent.

Before applying make-up, pat well into the skin an astringent lotion. Some prefer to use a pad of cotton wool for this purpose. You can use witch-hazel, ice-water, or simple tincture of benzine. If you use the latter, add two or three drops to to the rinsing water. An astringent closes the pores of the skin. Bathe your eyes night and morning to keep them healthily bright.

At the slightest sign of a line or “crows foot” dab some good cream around them and pat in ever so gently. Cut out frowning and squinting, or wrinkling your forehead. Shampoo your hair at least every ten days. Give it a hot-oil treatment occasionally. Brush your hair daily, cream your hands, your elbows and feet. Give hands two five minute manicures weekly.

That’s all !
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Woman’s Weekly in 1942.

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