Top 1920’s Fashion Trends for Women

There was much more to 1920’s fashion trends, than flapper slang, and dancing to the Charleston ! What to wear and where to buy.

The top fashion trends of the 1920's
The top fashion trends of the 1920’s

We put together a vintage carousel slide projection, which takes you through all the popular fashion trends of the 20’s. You can read the concise illustrated history of 1920’s fashion. But first enjoy the video.

Roaring 1920’s Fashion Trends – Carousel Slide film
What did Ladies Wear in the 1920’s?

Robe de Style, Garcon look, Chemise, Drop waist dress, Bob cut, Cloche Hat, Pleated Skirts, Sweaters, Cardigans, Silk Stockings and T-Strap heels, Costume Jewelry, Fur stoles, Bathing suits, Beach pajamas, Makeup.The-top-Fashion-Trends-of-the-1920's

1920's Robe de Style
Robe de Style in the 1920’s

Fashion in the early 1920’s kicked off with a return to a more classical robe de style silhouette. But hems were higher and the dresses slimmer. By 1935, the drop waist dress, for no particular reason, was the new fad.

drop waist dress - Louise Brooks 1928
drop waist dress – Louise Brooks 1928

The drop waist dress definitely emanated from the Paris couturiers. The popular garcon look was epitomized by flat chests and no waist.

1920's chemise or shift dress
Chemise or Shift dress – popular in the 1920’s

The simple chemise or shift dress, which hangs from the shoulder, became the staple silhouette until more feminine shapes returned in the early 1930’s.

Handmade 1920’s Inspired Clothing

We recommend La Vie Delight, a small company with great reviews. They produce bespoke handmade 1920’s dresses.

1920's inspired dresses
1920’s Inspired Dresses – La Vie Delight

They also sell pretty cloche hats, jackets and coats. The attention to detail in their 1920’s day dresses really sets them apart from other sellers.

1920's fashion - pleated skirts, sweaters and cardigans
1920’s fashion – pleated skirts, sweaters and cardigans

But this was not say that women’s clothes were not feminine. Pleated skirts, sweaters and cardigan combinations were very much the vogue. The more daring may have worn slacks or pajama suits to evening parties.

1920’s swimsuits

Beach pajamas and revealing swimsuits, as well as jaunty sailor suits, were all the rage while on holiday or at the beach. They were not acceptable however on the high street.

Coco Chanel in 1928 - wearing a marinière or Breton top.
Coco Chanel in 1928 – wearing a marinière or Breton top.

Coco Chanel is forever being credited with styles she did not invent. The striped marinière, or Breton sailor top is one. The myth is based on one photo of Chanel from 1928. The truth is, the marinière was quite popular among young women at resorts, as were many traditionally male items of clothing. Chanel’s early fondness for androgynous clothes, helped make many items more acceptable however.

stockings and T-strap or T-bar heels
stockings and T-strap or T-bar heels

The rise of the hem, meant that legs were fashionable. Hosiery sales shot up during the Twenties, as did the sale of T-strap heels.

Costume Jewelry and necklaces in the 1920's
Beaded necklaces – 1920’s flapper

Costume jewelry, in the shape of faux necklaces were another fad which ran the gamut of fashion for many a discerning flapper.

Marion Davies and fur stole

For the languid lady, no items spelled luxury more effectively than the fur stole. Of all the 1920’s accessories, this item was the most popular, for those who could afford one.

Iconic bob cut of the 1920’s

Finally, the bob cut, and the wearing of makeup was the most vivid demonstration of the liberated 1920’s woman.

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