Straight Out Of The 50s

Found photos of Women in the 1950s –

photos of Women in the 1950s - found photos of women in the 1950s
“Yep .. this the life!” Kodachrome color photo of young woman relaxing in the sun in the 1950s

Vintage style in amateur vintage photographs of beautiful women.  hair and makeup looks captured in magical Kodachrome color from the 1950s era. What they wore at home, for Christmas, for evening wear, at the beach or going skiing. A real time capsule of found photos of women in the 1950s. It’s sad in a way that people throw these out. They represent real lives lived. But at least we get to find them !
You’ll find the original vintage slide photos on Ebay and Etsy if you’re not too late.

Beauty Contest

photos of Women in the 1950s
Two contestants at a beauty pageant. That hairstyle on the right is spectacular !

1950’s Pencil Skirt

Straight-out-of-the-50-photos of Women in the 1950s

1950’s Evening Dress

Straight-out-of-the-50s - photos of Women in the 1950s
Straight-out-of-the-50s – Graduation Dress
“Take those rollers out young woman!” Varsity house girls
all ready for the formal !
What IS that dress fabric made from ?
A charming rayon silk evening dress. Comes with own plug.
What was the occasion for these lovely ladies dressing in such exotic dresses?
A final wee tippler after an evening out?

1950’s Swimwear

Straight-out-of-the-50s - 1950s swimwear
Straight-out-of-the-50s -Kodachrome color photo of young woman sunbathing in her back garden. Image Lives of Others Etsy
This young woman is all set for some sunbathing. A time traveler with her yellow smartphone?
this charming photo is possibly a potential modelling shot. Did she get that job?
Hmm .. that water looks chilly to me !


1950’s Christmas

all black is the Christmas fashion in this household
More wine girls ?
Presents all ready from Santa
Straight-out-of-the-50s – Wrapping the presents on Christmas eve

1950’s Holidays

Straight-out-of-the-50 – Nevada Ghost Town
Ready for a day on the course !
We have skis, we have boots and we’re wearing shades .. let’s hit the road !
Possibly late 40s or early 50s judging on her cool outfit. The hair roll is very 40s though.
We love this beautiful bride and her stunning gown. Hope she had a good day !

That’s all !
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Vintage-1940s-Fashion-in-KodachromeKodachrome Girl 1940sVintage-1940s-Fashion-in-Kodachrome2Kodachrome Girl 1940s

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  1. I just recently found your site and I enjoy it immensely..

    All those women in those photos had a sense of style: they made an effort to look the best they could.. and that’s because they had a good self image. We don’t seem to have too much of that today..

    I remember my mom going out with my dad and she was always dressed up.. I was small, but there are some things you just can’t forget.
    Thanks for the photos..

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