1930s Makeup Advice – Actress Sari Maritza

English Actress gives advice from 1932 –

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Sari Maritza, that fresh faced young English actress, has made a deep study of makeup and she has graciously agreed to tell us some of her secrets.

” You must know your face, before you can intelligently work out the individual make-up for you.
While there too many girl ‘types’ to mention here, here are some tips for girls with regular round faces.”


The Eyes – 1930s Eyeshadow

Try different types of eye shadow until you get just the right unobtrusive shade which gives your eyes a deep soft background; never overdo eye shadow, but it IS quite the most important feature of make-up in my opinion. I have found a soft brown best for brown eyes, a dark gray blue is best for blue eyes, and light gray for grey eyes and so on”

The Eyes – 1930s Mascara advice

Brush the eyelashes next with just enough mascara to bring out every lash in relief and yet, never, never allow them to be sticky and heavy with mascara. Try to curve them up with the brush or use an eye lash curler.

The Eyes – 1930s Eyebrows advice

The eyebrows are the most important for that individual touch.
A slight chang in the arc of the brow can have startling results to a girls expression. Experiment first by wiping out your brows with some foundation and powder. Now you can draw ” fake brows” to see how it changes your expression. Deeply line the eyebrow with a pencil to determine the line that is most complimenting. Try the highly arched look, the straight, the diagonal eyebrow line and choose the most interesting effect possible. The pluck them that way. Your brows add a final touch to any eye makeup look.


The Hairline – How to wear your hair.

Next in importance – for me at least is the hair line about my face. I pull my hair straight off my forehead, for my face is round and square in contour and my forehead is high. By pulling my hair straight back off my forehead, i give my face length and a natural hair line gives the face a becoming frame. The hair should be brushed and kept in a glossy healthy condition to wear it in this manner, and should never be too carefully set in waves.

The Lips – 1930s lipstick advice

The Lips of course are next in importance. Here is a subject of great latitude. If one is of a soft, alluring naturally feminine type, the lips should be carefully made-up full, with gently, understanding curves. The shape of the lips can easily be made to tell their own story. If a hard, unnatural line, or cupids bow is drawn for the lips, it is challenging and defiant and is apt to invite trouble for the wearer!
I should say a safe rule is to follow the natural line of the lip. adding just the necessary curves to make a pretty, soft contour. If the chin is short and firm, the lower lip can be accented; if it is hard and prominent i would advise a softer, full lip line; if the chin is weak, definitely accent the upper lip !


The Face – Rouging and Powder advice

As for cheek rouge, and powder, I use as little as possible. For a face of my contour I put any cheek rouge I use from the temple to the lower cheek, to add length to my face, but for street wear, I do not use rouge, and powder just my nose, a little about my chin and neck.

So girls, sit before your mirror and start experimenting with eyes, lips and hairline, intil you have accomplished an interesting effect and then try it out for your friends to see.

That’s all !
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Originally published June 1932.

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1930s makeup guide – contouring

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