5 Steps for a 1930s Hollywood makeup day look

Hollywood Beauty with Maureen O Sullivan –


1930s makeup report by Carolyn Van Wycks.

Assuming Maureen O Sullivan has already applied a powder foundation, beginning with the above picture, she illustrates for you the five important successive steps in applying make-up.

1. First, a blue eye shadow is smoothed gently across her lids.


2. Second ( above) , Maureen accents and extends the outer ends of her brows very lightly with a brown eyebrow pencil. Use a firm crayon with a fine point.


3. Third, Maureen carefully accents and darkens her lashes with mascara brushing the upper lashes upwards, and the lower lashes – downward!

5-Steps-for-a-1930s-Hollywood-makeup-day-look - rouge

4.Maureen smiles so that she may apply rouge to the ‘full’ part of her cheek, blending it lightly outward toward the temples.


5.Fifth, after lipstick, the gently nuances of color are tied together by a thorough though delicate veil of powder.

That’s all !

Original articles courtesy  Media History Project


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