Street fashion in the 1930’s – Archive film

The 1930’s Sartorialist – Ivan Besse

1930s-fashion---street-styles-on-film - ivan besse
Still from Ivan Besse home movies of 1930’s womens street style

Did New York’s Scott Schuman – better known as The sartorialist – perfect the art of time travel?
This rare film showing the vintage dress and hairstyles of ordinary women on the street in the 1930’s certainly qualifies as a sartorial. Filmed by Ivan Besse in the small South Dakota town of Britton in 1938 .He was the local theater projectionist, and he was well known for shooting local films around Marshall county which were then shown as newsreels in the local Strand cinema. Needless to say – attendance was high.His films are now on The Internet archive for posterity.
Women of any generation are stylish, but this period epitomizes that age of glamor beautifully. We put this video together a while back to celebrate them. For those of you who haven’t seen it.

AI Enhanced 60 fps version – 1930’s street style

1930s-fashion---street-styles-on-film -ivan besse
1930s-fashion---street-styles-on-film -ivan besse
1930s-fashion---street-styles-on-film -ivan besse

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