Swimsuit Glamour – Hotel Delmonte Monterey 1935

Glamorous 1930’s  bathing beauties at the Hotel Delmonte in Monterey California. A favorite playground for Hollywood’s movie stars back then. This clip dates from 1935.

Vintage Fashion Report – 1930’s Swimwear

Vintage Fashion Report – 1930s Swimwear. As originally reported in 1936 fashion newsreel. 1930’s Swimsuit 1. The very latest thing, a printed linen halter top with navy wide ribbed body. and over this is worn cape and hood. 1930’s Swimsuit 2. A One piece Bahama, and over this a heavy terry cloth robe with flared skirt. 1930’s Swimsuit 3. A…

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Vintage Swimwear – Be a Retro Bathing Beauty

A short illustrated and film history of Women’s Vintage Swimwear. 1940 swimsuit Retro Swimsuit from What Katie Did Also check out out The Vintage Swimwear Fashion Guide Vintage Swimwear – A short history on film In the early 20th century, folks didn’t go swimming – they went bathing – which literally meant paddling up to the knees and no more…

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Vintage Swimwear Fashion Guide

Women’s Vintage Swimwear Secrets Before you go shopping for some cool Vintage swimwear or Retro Swimwear, why not sit back and learn a bit about what you’re wearing! Photo courtesy My Vintage Vogue Perhaps more than any other garment, the swimsuit has changed beyond all recognition in the last century. One of the most appealing aspects of early 20th century…

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1930’s Fashion – Vintage 1930’s Swimwear

1930’s Swimwear Fashion While the 1920s would proved to be a liberating decade for swimsuit designers, as they experienced with new fabrics and cuts to make swimsuits shorter, tighter, and flirtier,this prototype consisting of a short, dress-style skirt with a lower neckline and bare shoulders remained the same into the 1930’s. Until the introduction of the bikini in 1946, this…

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