Gibson Girls in 1904 – Edwardian Era Women

Glamorous Edwardian era women brought back to life using AI neural networks.For vintage fashion lovers, these were the real Gibson girls ! Colorized, AI upscaled, and enhanced to 4k 60fps w/ sound using neural networks.

Edwardian era women - The Gibson Girl 1904
Edwardian era women – The Gibson Girl 1904

Colorized, AI upscaled, and enhanced to 4k 60fps w/ sound using neural networks. Note the Edwardian era trumpet skirt, matched with pretty blouses and pompadour hairstyles. Though defined as ‘the new woman’, 19th century styles still prevailed, and corsets were worn by all.

The Gibson Girl at Work – 1904 AI Restored Film

Watch the film : Gibson Girls brough to life from 1904 – 119 years ago.

By the 1920s, both hair and skirts were much shorter. Dress history ever evolving! This pompadour hair roll became popular again in the 1940s. The new s-bend corset allowed a little more freedom of movement. They look so elegant but it must have been a hard days work in those vintage clothes.

Factory girls - Edwardian era 1904
1904 film – AI upscaled and colorized – Girls at work in Westinghouse Electric

The glamour of the Gibson girl look, epitomized the ‘new woman’ as painted by Charles Dana Gibson in the late 1890s. She was an idealized form of female, and in every man’s dream. However it does seem to have been a style many Edwardian women aspired to.

Mesmerizing Gibson Girls clock in to work 1904 film

Captivating and hypnotic. Edwardian era factory girls clock in to work in new AI Restored film – 1904

Original silent footage fragment preserved by Library of Congress.

Coil winding section E, Westinghouse works
Filmed April 26, 1904, at the Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co. in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
G. WBitzer, 1872-1944, camera.
American Mutoscope and Biograph Company.
Paper Print Collection (Library of Congress)

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Using deep learning neural networks. Read their paper here:
Deep Exemplar-based Video Colorization

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