High School Makeup Tutorial for Girls | 4k 1960 Film

Watch this rare 1960 educational film for girls on how to apply high school makeup.

high school girl applies eyebrow pencil.

The sequence of makeup application for high school girls is as follows:

  • Cleansing
  • Powder makeup
  • Concealing skin blemishes
  • Lip makeup
  • Eyebrow makeup
  • Mascara
  • Curling Lashes
  • Curling Lashes

High School Makeup Tutorial 1960 | AI Restored

The full high school makeup tutorial from 1960.

Original Title: Makeup – Good Grooming for Girls
Made by International Film Bureau Inc
Source: Personal 16mm collection Glamourdaze.
AI restoration by Glamourdaze.

1960 High School Makeup Tutorial – Step by Step

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Apply High School makeup for Girls


    Girls, your face is your fortune. You must make the most of it.
    Every girls face tells a story. And it can be a good story. Of character, intelligence and attractiveness.
    Learn to use makeup sparingly and wisely, to bring out most appealingly – the real you.high school makeup

  2. Powder Makeup

    And it begins with powder. A good face powder should be fine and soft.
    It is dusted on to a soft cotton pad and spread to cover a large area.
    Gently pat the powder on to the skin, pressing a little. Removing the cotton pads straight outwards.
    Always use a powder that is of the same general tone as your skin.
    Once you have covered your face with powder, pull the cotton back on itself.
    With the clean surface of the pad, dust off all the excess powder.
    The movements of the pad are very similar to those used to apply the powder.high school makeup - powder

  3. Lip Makeup

    Lips are first outlined to the right shape. The mastery of the use of a lip brush is of paramount importance – in choosing an attractive lip line. Once the outline has been drawn with the lip brush, the rest of the lip is filled in. Use a lipstick of a color that compliments the tone of your skin. Draw lightly from the corner to the center. steadying hand with little finger resting against the chin. Now fill in rest of lips.high school lipstick

  4. Skin Blemishes

    You may have skin blemishes. Usually this is the result of insufficient or improper washing.
    Or improper diet! Minimize their appearance by using a medicated cover cream or a stick.
    This cream or paste comes in different shades.
    Of course select the one that is closest to your natural skin tone.
    A little is applied with the tip of the finger. Blend it so that the spot is not obvious. And covered with powder. But remember, plenty of washing, proper food and plenty of rest is the best medicine. Even for prevention of blemishes.high school makeup concealer

  5. Eyebrow Makeup

    Before going on to eyebrows, use a tweezers to get rid of a few stray eyebrow hairs.
    Pluck only between the eyes and below the brow – never above.
    The most beautiful eyebrows look the most natural and use an eyebrow pencil to emphasize the natural brow. The shaping has been done by nature and the bit of plucking you may do.
    Beginning from the inner corner of the eye, sketch lightly outward.
    Towards the tip of the ear – not the lobe !
    The eyebrow brush helps to train the eyebrow and blends the pencil to achieve a more natural look.
    By slightly shaping the eyebrows, great advantage can be taken of your face shape.
    Because she is blonde, Marge needs a little more emphasis on her brows and does it.
    With the manner in which she applies the pencil and later uses the brush – is just the same.
    She brushes lightly from the center outwards towards the tip of the ear.high school makeup - eyebrow brush

  6. Mascara

    Especially for light haired girls, mascara gives the appearance of heavier lashes. For this purpose – a brown mascara is best. Always use colors that compliment your natural color.
    Apply the mascara to the upper lashes only, using an upward sweep from the bottom of the lashes.
    Now there is an attractive girl.mascara - high school

  7. Curling Lashes

    Not all of us are endowed with beautiful curly lashes. We can beat nature at her own game by using eyelash curlers. You can do this either before or after applying mascara.
    Just fit the curler under the lash, so that when you press, your eyelashes are curled slightly by the pressure.eyelash curlers

  8. Blotting Lipstick

    By this time your lipstick has set, so that with a piece of face tissue, folded twice to make a long strip
    You can blot your lips. Do this three or four times or until there is no longer any stain on the tissue.
    Remember that good health is the basis for happiness and beauty.blotting lipstick

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