Victim of Gossip | 1950’s Teenage Girl Fashion

Some lovely 1950’s teenage girl fashion. The story of Jean, the new girl on campus. She faces social rejection because of hurtful gossip.

victim of gossip - 1950's teenage girl fashion
Jean and Janice leaving school

A Teenage Girl’s Experience of Gossip in a 1950’s High School

Victim of Gossip – A Teenage girl’s experience in the 50’s

A 1950’s educational social guidance film on the damage that spreading gossip and rumors can cause.
As in the How to be Popular – 1940’s High School Dating Guide film, this film points out the same principles of respect for others and social etiquette that every young woman and man should follow.

From New Girl at School to Social Outcast

Jean got off to a great start at her new school. She made fast new friends and even won first prize in Art. It all goes sour for her after a date with Jack. Getting a slap for making a move on her. Jack quickly spins a nasty lie to his mates. Soon the school gossips are spreading it all over campus.

Gossip !
Gossip !!

Poor Jean is soon ostracized by her classmates. It gets so upsetting for her that she tells her parents she wants to leave school. Her parents bring it to the school Principal who sorts it all out for everyone.

Jean is rejected by her new friends

The film is conservative and represents an idealized version of high school life in the 1950’s. The methods however, used by the school principal to undo the damage to Jean’s reputation could well be applied these days. Young people are being relentlessly bullied on social media as well as in the schoolyard and no one appears to be accountable.

1950’s teenage girl fashion

A pleasant side product of this morality tale, are the lovely 1950’s teenage girl fashions. Pencil skirts and circle skirts are everywhere

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