How to Look Like a 1950s Pinup Girl

Elaine Stewart’s weekly boudoir beauty routine of 1954

Hollywood actress Elaine Stewart shares her six point weekly beauty plan on how to look like a 1950’s pinup girl

M.G.M’s newest 1950’s pinup Elaine Stewart, smiles and says ” I have no beauty secrets – no special creams made for me at midnight by a mermaid under water. No incantations to make my eyes shine or potions to keep my skin flawless.But,” she adds, seriously, ” I do have my own particular beauty routine. I devote one night a week to it – absolutely regularly!”

1950s pinup Elaine Stewart

Pretty faces and beautiful figures are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. But the combination of both is rare – and potent. Elaine has both and she means to keep both.

Elaine Stewart – Hair Beauty

1950s hair beauty
1950’s hair beauty – Elaine Stewart

She chooses Monday evening for her beauty rites. She looks forward to it as a luxurious time to relax. An hour after supper, Elaine starts her beauty program head first by massaging a liberal amount of a cream treatment into her scalp and all the way down her hair to the ends.
Beautiful hair, silky, lustrous and not dulled by split ends, is much more important to Elaine than a complicated hair-do. In the morning, she’ll shower it out and then brush for five full minutes, upwards and away from her head to stimulate the scalp.

Elaine Stewart – Bath Beauty

1950s pin up girl
1950s pin up girl beauty

After a long lazy soak – half an hour, she’s ready for a brisk scrub. This is a girl who’s smooth all over. To be sure of it, she does an extra job of it on back, arms, legs, elbows and knees.
There’s no place more comfortable for a pedicure than the tub. Keeping her feet as dainty and attractive as her hands is one of the details that add up to her completely feminine look. propping her feet on the side of the tub, she goes to work with an orange stick wrapped in cotton and dipped in cuticle remover. Using it gently to outline each toenail and keep them neat and tidy. After her bath comes the fancy finish – polish to match her fingernails. ” I check my toenails every day for chipped polish, just as I do my fingernails!”

Elaine Stewart – Leg Beauty

Elaine-Stewart-seamed stockings
Seamed stockings – Elaine Stewart

Yes, shaving legs is a chore that Elaine, like every woman, is completely conscientious about. The difference is that she finishes the job with a generous smoothing of hand lotion.

When you see her cross those lovely legs and are awed by the satin sheen of her seamed stockings, you’ll know it’s the smoothness of her skin you’re admiring and not some special kind of sheer hosiery. Though she admitssmooth supple legs make wearing hosiery much more effective!”

Elaine-Stewart--fishnet tights
Elaine Stewart – 1950’s fishnets

Elaine Stewart – Face Beauty

Elaine-Stewart--face beauty

Her face gets it’s usual nightly cleansing, followed by an application of rich cream. She keeps it on for twenty minutes while relaxing in a steamy bath. Then she removes the excess with a tissue so there’s just enough left to stay on her and not on her bedclothes. Elaine’s eyebrows too get an overnight smoothing treatment with a coating of Vaseline. ” They keep my brows sleek and glossy. You really notice it in the mornings!”

Elaine Stewart – Bed Beauty

Elaine-Stewart - 1950s actress
1950s pinupFacial beauty – Elaine Stewart

She’s ready for bed now, except for something very special in the way of head caps. Because the cream treatment is still in her hair, to be washed out in the morning. She also wants to protect her bed linen. ” No turbans for me,” she laughs. ” I had these gay little washable terry-cloth caps made for me. But you’re not going to see me wearing it !”. So to bed and ten hours of hair, scalp and skin pampering while she sleeps.

Elaine Stewart – Makeup Beauty

Another thing Elaine is meticulous about is keying her makeup to her clothes. She’s downright fussy about finding the perfect lipstick to harmonize with a new dress. She carries a sample of the new fabric in hand, then matches the lipstick with nail polish. She’s careful to switch nail polish and lipstick shades when the sun goes down because she knows how differently sunlight and electric light affect colors.

Elaine Stewart applying her makeup
Elaine Stewart applies her makeup

Her eye makeup changes too, from the lightest touch during the day to striking shadow, mascara and eye-liner effects that suit an exotic evening dress.

Elaine quite frankly does want to bowl over the people she meets – studio brass included, and the men in her life, most definitely. It’s the purpose behind her carefully worked out beauty program which makes her a Hollywood pinup !

That’s all !

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