How to be Popular – 1940’s High School Dating Guide

How to be Popular and go dating.1947 film shows a very different kind of America, where respect for the other takes precedence over self.

How to be popular and go dating – 1940’s style

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Showing a very different kind of America, where respect for the other person took precedence over caring about one’s self. Being considerate was a first step to being popular and making friends, and a sure fire way of getting a date! The principles shown here seem less and less relevant today, with the American decline.

How to be popular and go dating - 1940's style

The Proper Way to ask a Girl out

Carolyn is the new girl in school. She quickly learns to adapt and fit in by showing an active interest in the school play. Wally, the props man takes a shine to her instantly and asks her out fairly soon afterwards. Jerry on the other hand, though equally interested in her shows no consideration, when he leaves it till the last minute to ask her for a date.

How to be popular and go dating - asking a girl out
Wally asks Carolyn for a first date

Wally also showed how offering a couple of choices to Carolyn and discussing them with her, made her more at ease with the idea of going on a first date. He even wins over her parents by his consideration for them. How many young people these days show any respect or even interest in the parent of someone they want to date?

How to be Popular - 1940's High School Dating Guide
Jerry does NOT impress when he leave sit to the last minute to ask for a date.

While these ideals may seem a little trite nowadays, looking more closely, the real message is to be less introspective and to take an interest in others. Pretty much universal morals in any society.

How to be popular - 1947 film
Ellie advises Carolyn not go steady to early

Overcome shyness by thinking of others

If you’re a shy person, these same tips can be helpful too. You’ll learn to worry less about yourself, and how you look and show more interest in other people. If you want to know how to ask a girl out properly, this film’s charming example is one of the best you’ll find anywhere.

How to be popular in High school
Wally wins the day. He and Carolyn go skating together.

Wally and Carolyn clearly get off to a good start. I wonder how things turned out for them? Watch How to be Popular – 1940’s High School Dating Guide on our YouTube channel.

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Filmed in Kodachrome in 1947 by Coronet Instructional Films.
Director: Ted Peshak. Cinematography: Bill Rockar. Written by Robert Chapin and Patricia Kealy. Editor: George Wilbern. Educational adviser: Dr. Alice Sowers, Director, Family Life Institute of the University of Oklahoma. With Marilyn Fisher (Caroline Ames); Bill Fein (Larry); Bunny Catcher (Ellie); Lester Podewell (Mr. Ames); Marilyn Fisher’s mother (Mrs. Ames); and Shaya Nash (Ginny).

Library of Congress, Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division. You can find the original film here.

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