Six Popular Skirt Types worn by 1940’s Women

Skirt types popular in 1940 as identified by Vogue magazine. Peplum skirt, the flounce skirt, the uneven skirt, tiered skirts, sarong skirt and Harem skirt

Skirt Types – Peplum, Flounce skirt and High-Low

Peplum Skirt

This is the new look for afternoon: a straight-and-narrow line, broken by some kind of witchery in the skirt. Here, it’s a diagonal peplum – a reed slim dress of black rayon crepe.

Flounce Skirt

The skirt of this black rayon crepe dress falls straight as a plumb-line to your knees. Then it breaks out into a shirred flounce, caught with a bow. Another bow ties the square neck-line.

High-low Skirt

Side-saddle drapery for afternoon. Uneven drapery breaking the straight-as-a-string line of this black rayon crepe dress. The uneven high-low hem-line look, is new too.

Skirt types - Tiered, sarong and Harem
Skirt Types – Tiered, Sarong, Harem

Tiered Skirt

Below the slick, molded torso of this black rayon crepe dress is a three tiered skirt. This gypsy skirt style is much in vogue in Hollywood these days. The skirt here is flounced only in the front, like a ruffled apron. The back is straight.

Sarong Skirt

Wrap-around drapery, faintly sarong-like, for the skirt of a severe, high-necked dress of black rayon crepe. Another fine example of the perfectly simple afternoon dress with an eye-catching skirt.

Harem Skirt

Perfect for afternoon, and for informal dinner – this black Celanese rayon crepe dress with a full skirt caught in at the knees in a harem skirt style. A tiny waist finished with a jeweled belt.

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