1930 Fashion – Winter Styles turn Russian

Stand-up Collars – Flare Skirts – Tunics – Dolmen Sleeves –

Fashion takes a hint from the picturesque Cossack –


1930’s fashion report by Jeanne duBois

Shades of the Cossack and the Russian gypsy – according to what we hear over the ether, fashions have certainly gone Russian with a vengeance this year. There is the long tunic blouse with the high belted waistline that is so reminiscent of the jacket worn by the former Czar’s wild
horsemen. The long tunic may be of the same shade as the full skirt which peeps out so coyly for six or eight inches beneath its hem, or it may be of a contrasting shade. And when the tunic takes unto itself fur collar or fur band at the bottom, it is ever so smart.

Dolmen sleeves – Russian style

Another straw that shows that winds of fashion blew over the vicinity of old St Petersburg is the big loose sleeve, caught in at the wrist with gay embroidery.Coats have taken on a Cossack flare, with high stand up collars that could withstand the winters
of Siberia, but look too precious to be cast to the wolves.


Why the sudden emergence of furs? The crash it seems has brought prices of raw skins way down and this has enabled manufacturers to use furs in great plenty and still keep their smart coats at prices kind to the average purse.

Deep Cossack cuffs of black Persian lamb, a frame-the-face collar and a wide, wide flare label – a real Russian look for the fashionable girl this winter !
Look now at the short black astrakhan jacket worn with black cloth skirt – Brr! you say. How can I be expected to wear one of those pretty, but not very protective jackets when the snow is on the ground and the wind is whistling through my skirt? Here’s the secret …many of these are
made to be donned over one’s winter coat.

That’s all !

Originally reported in Radio Digest 1930.
Text ©Glamourdaze.com

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