1930’s Fashion – Carole Lombards 8 Style Points.

It’s 1932 – Get the latest 1930’s style pointers from Hollywood screen siren Carole Lombard

1930s-fashion---Carole-Lombard-Dress pointers

Here they are.

1. A two-piece jacket dress that looks for all the world like a suit. But take my word for it, it’s a dress –

2. Not only a short jacket but short sleeves. getting technical – they’re three-quarter sleeves!

3. They show the frilly sleeves of the blouse underneath.

4. Only it is NOT a blouse! It’s a Guimpe. Know what that is? It’s a false blouse – with only a neck and arms.

5. The dress is wool – a light tweed – a mannish material – but femininely trimmed in sheer ladylike organdie.

6. Shorter sleeves mean longer gloves. Good.

7. My handbag – thin – flat – like a little envelope – has green trimmings. Fine!

8. Finally my hat, is of a high brow – not so in these days but I like to be out of step with style diktats on occasion.
Just for badness! The Sheraton table I’m leaning against in this photo is not a pre-requisite. But it is cute.

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Originally published in Photoplay – 1928
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