1930s Hairstyle – A Smart Coiffure for Summer 1931

One Smart 1931 Hairdo for you to try –

The bobbed hairstyle in 1931 still reigns supreme, but this year it has grown short again, the ends are curled, the neckline revealed !


Mary Brian demonstrates one of the new coiffures, which displays rows of flat curls that are achieved by moistening the ends of the hair and twisting small sections of hair into circles around the fingers.
When it is necessary for the hair to dry quickly, Miss Brian applies toilet water to the ends of the hair in place of water. Each section is moistened separately, then twisted over the fourth finger.


When the curl is twisted to form a coil, it is held in place by two invisible hairpins, pinned so that the hair lies very flat !
Spray the hair with a second application of eau du toilette water to insure the firmness of the curls. Permit the hair to dry for ten minutes. Then remove the pins and press the curls flat. Voila!


That’s all !
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